Sayah Studio

Sayah is an independent art and design foundation that, in addition to visual identity design, design and filmmaking, carries out projects aimed at literacy, creative and critical thinking of teenagers through the creation of works of art. One of the projects of this foundation is seeing beyond seeing, which started with two workshops on design thinking and personal filmmaking in 2022. All people related to the Sayah are art students and graduates who create works independently and freely. The focus of this foundation is on designing posters, visual identity of institutions, as well as training and making short films and documentaries.

Seeing Beyond Seeing
Seeing Beyond Seeing Podcast
Filmmaking Bootcamp
Filmmaking Bootcamp
The poets Waste Land

Sayah Art Gallery

Sayah Gallery is one of the subgroups of Sayah Design Studio, which works with artists and creates a path for creation, seeks to create a way of selecting works with the intellectual and cultural atmosphere of Iran today, in presenting art works. The artists selected by Sayah Gallery are students and graduates who have achieved their personal worldview and an image of the individual can be seen in them. This gallery, with regard to visual arts as well as interdisciplinary arts, tries to provide new ways to communicate directly and without an audience with the artist and the artwork.


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Sayah Film Card

Design Studio’s exclusive card for watching the documentary Fish and the Tree of Life. A cultural gift for ancient Nowruz. This card contains the original poster of the documentary and the QR code of the documentary film, by scanning it, you can watch the fish and the tree of life.

In the past Nowruz, Sayah Studio also released the film Resident of the House of Silence, which is one of the productions of this foundation, in the form of a movie card.

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